Today Air Pollution is burning issue in all major cities of the world and research scientists are trying to find how to reduce air pollution, but air pollution is their first priority. Not only of research scientists but also every human being should think how we can reduce pollution and it is the duty of every citizen of the societies because. If We do not try to reduce the air pollution today our future generations could be in danger.

Nowadays, Selling of vehicles are increasing day by day, every person wants to travel with their own vehicle and this desirableness of people is harmful to the nature because, more the vehicles more chances for air pollution to increase. If rate of vehicles will increase cost of fossil fuel will also raise, and we very well know importance of the fuel. No doubt, today we have the alternate of the fossil fuel such as electricity is generated after sacrificing natural responses.

Some people think an international car free day is an effective way to reduce air pollution. Yes, it is but for the limited period. It is the single step towards the reduction of the air pollution and we have to take much more steps for the same. The toxic gases which exhausts from the chemical factories or from other industrial wastage. But, this problem can be reduced by some high level authorities such as governments.

Some people of urban area as well as rural area who are health conscious still uses cycles for travelling. By doing this they not helping themselves but they helping the whole society. And now most of the cities have separate track for cycle riders.

The Steps which can be taken by individual is to adapt public transportation for day to day travelling. If we will use public transportation we will not only reducing air pollution but also reducing noise pollution and helping to save natural resources. and our future generation could use the fossil fuel. Government should also encourage people to use the public transportation by giving some discounts, offers to them such as students can get the concessions in the tickets, older citizens should be helped by these offer.

We can say that reduction in the air pollution will reduce not only by scientists, or government but we also have to participate in this mission.