Today, Living standard of people in the developed countries as well as developing countries are improved in last three decades with the help of new technologies and due to these developments. Currently, many people can afford their own vehicles. But, these can be a big reason to worry. Because , if every people will use their vehicles instead of public transportation, traffic of vehicles will create havoc in the cities.

In 21st century, urban areas are becoming concrete jungle, lands are getting reduced day by day, so the spaces to build roads also decreasing. We have to maintain and control the transportation system of all the vehicles on the road. It can be easily control the transportation system of all the vehicles on the road. It can be easily controlled by some smart movements. Firstly, We should find the most congested traffic area and its route.

We have to be sure that roads are so smooth that all vehicles can travel effortlessly and life span of vehicles also increases. The areas which have wide roads should be divided in various lanes. For example, most corner’s lane should be allocated for pedestrian and second for cyclists. Remaining lanes would be allocated for two Wheeler, four wheeler and heavy vehicles.

Technological advantage will also help to overcome these issues. We can use digital traffic signals on every cross roads and that signals should also show timer by which drivers and riders can switch off their vehicles and save fuel, and it also installed with CCTV cameras that regularly observes the traffic behavior. Further we can put traffic police in the crossroads because we should not totally rely on automatic traffic signals. Security cameras should be installed to update the routes and diversions.

Eligibility of driving license should be more harder to reduce the recklessness of the vehicle owners. Informative signboards should be displayed to drivers and riders. Strict penalties to be implemented when breaking of law by citizens.