Diabetes a brutal disease

On world diabetes day don’t get your sweet cravings get in your way of life.

Are you diabetic? Your wife/mother makes the best homemade pie or laddu and you still taste a bite than the whole? Well then please forward the pie or laddu to me.

The common myths of diabetes that have been lingering around peoples head and stopped them to have a normal life, hammered with concerns & constant nagging on eating habits.

Here are few common myths about diabetes that should end:

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Myth 1: People with diabetes can’t eat sugar

The common misconception that people rumor around that person with the condition has to eat a sugar-free diet. All they need is to eat a diet that is balanced, which can include some sugar in moderation. People with diabetes can eat sugar.

Myth 2: Type 2 diabetes only affects fat people

Whilst type 2 diabetes is often linked to being overweight and obese by the media, it is patently untrue that type 2 diabetes only affects overweight people.
Around 20% of people with type 2 diabetes are of a normal weight, or underweight.

Myth 3: People with diabetes go blind and lose their legs

Myth 4: Diabetes is contagious

Classic myth- diabetes cannot be passed onto someone else. Diabetes is classified as being a non-communicable illness meaning it cannot be passed on by sneezing, through touch, nor via blood or any other person to person means. The only way in which diabetes can be passed on to their child. A hereditary type 1.

Myth 5: People with diabetes should only eat diabetic food

I’m certain there’s a person with diabetes who hasn’t been asked, “Can you eat that?”

Sugar, in any volume, cannot cause diabetes. When a person has diabetes, the body doesn’t deal well with high levels of sugar.
As a matter of fact, every cell in the body lives on glucose.
It’s the energy source of life, and the body converts all food to glucose for fuel.

All we know that people with diabetes can take in sugar safely, but this constraint has remained the most widely held diabetes myth.

We won’t get to the causes of diabetes because I don’t want to put fear in you all and make feel cautious about food or life. So seeing the myths and knowing people around me who are diabetic and yet they don’t give a fuck about it.

Life’s way too precious to be in worries. So if you’re suffering then I suggest a monthly regular health care check-up at nearby hospitals or at home with a kit available at the pharmacist.

Diabetes currently affects more than 62 million Indians, which is more than 7.1% of the adult population.
The average age of onset is 42.5 years. ‘Sad But True’. With various camps around the globe and studies, we still let this disease affect our livelihood.

It not only in adults but children as well suffer from this and made to go through a painful series of injecting insulin every day throughout their lives. On worlds Diabetes Day say ‘yes’ to life & ‘No’ to Diabetes.